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Welcome to Echols County, Georgia
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Our thanks to all who sent their Census/Soundex information for inclusion on this page. If you would like to send yours, please note census year/Echols in the subject line. Use the data format below and insert your data in the body of the email.

House/Family No.
Place of Birth
131 BENNETT, Tacket B. W/M38 Head Farmer GA-GA-GA
Kate W/F27 Wife GA-GA-GA
Boswell W/M9 Son GA-GA-GA
Ester W/F6 Dau GA-GA-GA
Dilbert W/M4 Son GA-GA-GA
Audrey W/F2-4/12 Dau FL-GA-GA
137/137 WILLIAMS, John B. W/M/47 Head Farmer GA-GA-GA
Delie T. W/F/36 Wife GA-GA-GA
Amos W/M/19 Son GA-GA-GA
Ruthie C. W/F/17 Dau GA-GA-GA
Alberta W/F/14 Dau GA-GA-GA
Alton K. W/M/12 Son GA-GA-GA
Tullia W/F/10 Dau GA-GA-GA
Inez W/F/7 Dau GA-GA-GA
Wanell W/F/10/12 Dau GA-GA-GA
163B/131/131 DELOACH, Sarah W/F/67 Head Boarding House
Sarah W/F/24 Dau
PADGETT, Henry W/M/19 G-Son Sawmill Labor
163B/137/138 TERRELL, Frank J. W/M/40 Head Farmer
Beady M. W/F/36 Wife
Bessie M. W/F/16 Dau
Maggie W/F/15 Dau
Frank W/M/5 Son
177/122/122 DELOACH, Tom W/M/42 Head Farmer
Idolia L.D. W/F/43 Wife
Eveline W/F/17 Dau
Edgar W/M/15 Son
Capus W/M/13 Son
Cary W/M/11 Son
Carrie W/F/11 Dau
Harvey W/M/8-10/12 Son
Alberta W/F/6-2/12 Dau
Flossy W/F/4-11/12 Dau
Henry W/M/2-3/12 Son
Idola L. W/F/1/12 Dau
258B/13/13 DELOACH, James W/M/28 Head Labor, Sawmill
Eula W/F/22 Wife
James J. W/M/6 Son
Inez W/F/4 Dau
Laura Mae W/F/1
260B/71/73 ROBERTS, George F. W/M/39 Head Farmer GA-GA-GA
Birton Lee "Aunt Birt" W/F/37 Wife GA-GA-GA
260B/72/74 ROBERTS, Tharpe W/M/26 Head Farmer GA-GA-GA
Britton B. W/M/32 Bro GA-GA-GA
Willie B. W/F/23 sis-in-law GA-GA-GA
Tharpe S. W/M/1-7/12 Nephew
Elizabeth W/F/6/12 Niece
Kizzie W/F/70 Mother (Widow)
260B/73/75 ROBERTS, John L. W/M/41 Head Farmer GA-GA-GA
Annie W/F/31 Wife GA-GA-GA
Eloise W/F/13 Dau
Edna W/F/11 Dau
John W/M/8 Son
Ralph B. W/M/6 Son
Irene E.(C.) W/F/4 Dau
Marrie W/F/2 Dau
HIRES, William T. W/M/29 Bro/in/Law
261/76/78 YOUNG, Noah W/M/26 Head Farmer
Pearlie W/F/22 Wife
James R. W/M/3-7/12 Son
William F. W/M/1-2/12 Son
261/79/81 TOMLINSON, Charlie W/M/38 Head RR Mechanic
Eugenia W/F/30 Wife
Charlie B. W/M/9 Son
Hoke Smith W/M/8 Son
Arlie W/F/6 Dau
Willie Mae Estel W/F/4 Dau
261B/94/96 HOWELL, William Virgil W/M/41 Head Farmer
Lara W/F/33 Wife
Catherine W/F/16? Dau
262B/96/98 TOMLINSON, Tharpe P. W/M/53 Head Farmer
Annie W/F/52 Wife
Anson W/M/21 Son
Alvin W/M/19 Son
Margaret? W/F/18 Dau
Esther W/F/14 Dau
262/99/101 TOUCHTON, Remer Y. W/M/31 Head Farmer
Valma W/F/22 Wife
Austine W/M/3 Dau
Remer Y., Jr. W/M/2 Son
262/100/102 TOUCHTON, John C. W/M/59 Head Farmer (Wid) SC-
Lawson W/M/22 Son Laborer
Hattie W/M/21 Dau Teach School
262/101/103 TOMLINSON, Jack L. W/M/45 Head Farmer
Aletha W/F/39 Wife
Austin W/M/20 Son
Rosa W/F/16 Dau
Ruby W/F/15 Dau
Ruth W/F/14 Dau
262/102/104 TOUCHTON, Levin G. W/M/44 Head Farmer
Julia W/F/23 Wife
Sarah W/F/17 Dau
Levin T. W/M/15 Son
Narcissa C. W/F/14 Dau
Daniel J. W/M/12 Son
Charlie E. W/M/11 Son
Lloyd W. W/M/9 Son
James T. W/M/8 Son
WILKS, Kathleen W/F/7 Step-Dau
TOUCHTON, Lula B. W/F/6 Dau
Sindy rilla W/F/4 Dau
Irvin W/M/2 Son
Darling D. W/M/3/12 Son
262/103/106 TOUCHTON, Jesse W/M/57 Head Farmer
Lula W/F/47 Wife
Waunita W/F/17 Dau
262/105/107 ROBERTS, Irvin Reason W/M/51 Head Farmer
Dorothy W/F/33 Wife
Roland W/M/9 Son
Gertrude W/F/8 Dau
Mary Maude W/F/7 Dau
Lula D. W/F/5 Dau
Mildred W/F/3 Dau
Ouida W/F/2 Dau
TOMLINSON, Phillip B/M/18 Male Servant
Lou B/F/21 Female Servant
262B TOMLINSON, Ben S. W/M/38 Head Farmer
Rachel L. W/F/37 Wife
Willie A. W/M/18 Son
Isbon W/M/16 Son
Sherman W/M/14 Son
Pearman W/M/12 Son
Lula M. W/F/9 Dau
Marrie W/F/7 Dau
Loyd W/M/6 Son
Lamar M. W/M/4 Son
Wilson W/M/2 Son
Jeff D. W/M/4/12 Son
Mary W/F/78 Mother (Widow)
263/116/118 DELOACH, William D. W/M/37 Head Farmer
Mandy W/F/25 Wife
263/128/130 HOWELL, Willie R. W/M/33 Head Sawmill Mechanic
Florida W/F/23 Wife
Rosa W/F/5 Dau
Beatrice W/F/2 Dau
263B/130/132 DELOACH, General D. W/M/43 Head Turp. Foreman
Wealthy W/F/44 Wife
Charlie W/M/23 Son
Lola W/F/20 Dau
Gracie W/F/15 Dau
Lizzie W/F/13 Dau
Pearlie W/F/11 Dau
General D., Jr. W/M/8 Son
Mack W/M/6 Son
Willie W/M/4 Son
Daniel W/M/1-1/12 Son
264/141/143 TOUCHTON, Charlie A. M/W/50 Head (Widow) Farmer
267/218/220 TOUCHTON, Lester W/M/29 Head Turp. Labor
Ethel W/F/21 Wife
Gladys W/F/6 Dau
Curtis W/M/4-3/12 Son
Author W/M/2 Son
SHURLEY, Keeney W/F/50 Mo-in-Law (Widow)
267/231/223 TOUCHTON, Noah F. W/M/52 Head Farmer
Emily W/F/48 Wife
Wilma W/F/11 Adopt. Dau
269B/279/181 DELOACH, Abram W/M/52 Head Farmer
Henrietta W/F/32 Wife
Mary W/F/27 Dau
Martha W/F/24 Dau
Abram, Jr. W/M/23 Son
Frank W/M/17 Son
Ida W/F/9 Dau
Henry W/M/7 Son
Oliff W/F/4 Dau
Ruby W/F/2 Dau
271/9/9 STALVEY, Oren W/M/22 Head Farmer
Nora W/F/28 Wife
W.F.? W/M/4 Son
J.W.? W/M/1 Son
272B TOMLINSON, Richard W/M/50 Head Farmer
Georgia W/F/53 Wife
Essie W/F/19 Dau
Mae W/F/17 Dau
Horace W/M/14 Son
Eunice W/F/11 Dau
274B/66/66 PRINE, T.J. W/M/28 Head Farmer
Celita W/F/24 Wife
Thomas J., Jr. W/M/1/12 Son
Susan W/F/61 Mother (Widow)
277/120/120 WALKER, A.J. W/M/55 Head Turp. Labor
Nancy W/F/35 Wife
Eunice W/F/14 Dau
Mamie W/F/13 Dau
Dewey? W/M/7 Son
Adam W/M/5 Son
Mose W/M/4 Son
Luke W/M/2 Son


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