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Echols County, Georgia
Old Swilley Cemetery
If you can add anything to the history or who may be buried in this cemetery, please let me know - Thanks -

  • Alice Cheola Swilley 10-28-1885 - 6-11-1896
  • Daniel A. Swilley son of J. A. & Fanny L. Swilley 12-27-1891 - 8-18-1902
  • Fannie Lorena Swilley wife of J. A.Swilley 6-20-1866 - 10-04-1909
  • Infant Child of T.T. & Lilla Swilley Born & Died 2-16-1900
  • J. Archabald Swilley 4-4-1861 - 1-29-1945
  • P. A. Swilley 1875 - 1957
  • Reason F. Swilley 1766 - 1854
  • William Franklin Swilley 8-27-1899 - 6-16-1912
  • William M. Swilley 1830 - 1908

This is all the names. There are a couple of other markers with the same names. If the wife of P.A. Swilley is buried here, it is in an unmarked grave.

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